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Since 'excessive' economic inequality has lead to excessive influence of the wealthy corporate interests in our politics and our media, we have to search for progressive voices, opinions, and information.

This website is a source for progressive ideas and information. I hope you will find this information useful and share it!



1. The pages on the right column have information progressives can use. Please share this info with others and send me links that should be added.

2. To contact your elected officials - Here are several easy ways to do that.

* US Capitol Switchboard - 1-202-224-3121 (ask for your official).

* White House Comments Line at 1-202-456-1111.

* Use (HERE) to contact federal/state officials!

3. Mega Vote (click HERE) sends you an email every week that Congress is in session with how your elected officials are voting.

Progressive Punch
(click HERE) give a score for elected officials in 14 categories.

5. Here are several other ideas to consider:
  • Start a once/twice a month progressive events email in your area. List the event info, contact person, and website. For an example click HERE!
  • Work to get more progressive media in your area. Progressive talk radio, "Democracy Now' with Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, Current TV, and Free Speech TV should be available everywhere.
  • Work to get progressive books, magazines, and newspapers into your local library.
  • Start your own petition. Click HERE for more info.
  • Give gifts that support your progressive values. Click HERE for idea.
  • Keep progressive values and ideas in the news using letters to the editor about single payer Medicare-for-all, reducing military spending to fund our communities, and supporting public education. Click HERE for ideas.
6. Check the Cost of War since 2001 on the right. Click a link at bottom for stats and ideas on how to change our national priorities.

7. Use the website Stand Up 4 Democracy (HERE) for specific ideas to improve and take back our economic, political, educational, and justice systems in America so they provide freedom, opportunity, and security for everyone not just the 1%.

8. Work to unite progressives. When Greens, Justice Party USA, Progressive Independents, and Progressive Democrats agree on 9 of 10 things, we should spend our time working together for progressive policies not obsessing about the one thing on which we disagree.

Please share this information with others. Comments, please contact Tom at